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Rick Schwarz Marketing Analyst

The only predictable element of life is its unpredictability. When I graduated from the University of Georgia, a career in marketing and communications never crossed my mind. While technically not an entrepreneur, an entrepreneurial spirit has served me well. The willingness to learn, fail, and improve enables me to succeed.

As a Social Media and Marketing Analyst for Bobbleheads.com, I specialize in social media, content creation, SEO, advertising, PR, and analytics. I enjoys connecting with bobblehead enthusiasts around the globe and promoting the Bobbleheads.com brand to new audiences on a daily basis. In an age where “content is king,” my creativity knows no bounds.

I’ve accomplished a lot in a relatively short amount of time while managing three separate and unique brands at Bobbleheads.com. Key social media metrics are up across the board, including increased brand awareness, community engagement, and sales conversions. I’ve established new content channels and vastly expanded the content library with a variety of multimedia. Keyword-rich and relevant content has also led to improved search rankings for short and long-tail keywords.

From kickboxing class to long runs, I enjoy staying active and pushing myself to the physical brink. Born and raised in Savannah, GA, I treasure St. Patrick’s Day, beautiful Tybee Island, and everything the coast has to offer. Saturdays in the fall are reserved for Georgia football. Go Dawgs!


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