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In an effort to improve our corporate sales approach, I have recently developed a brand new LinkedIn company page for When I first joined, I was aware the company had no LinkedIn page but thought nothing of it at the time. After all, the LinkedIn crowd didn’t seem to be a target demographic for bobblehead sales. However, after speaking with the sales team and analyzing the data, I discovered corporate orders were the best orders. Usually, when a company orders a custom bobblehead, they order in bulk. They’re often repeat customers too.

Naturally, if your target audience is corporations and businesses of varying size, LinkedIn needs to be an integral part of the marketing mix. now has a presence on the world’s largest professional network (over 84 million users). Next steps include:

1) Training the sales team on LinkedIn and educating them on the benefits of this platform. It is important they understand how this tool can help them in their pursuit of corporate sales. I’ve discovered several team members have LinkedIn profiles but they desperately need updating.

2) Testing out LinkedIn’s targeted ads. I’ve yet to experiment with LinkedIn ads but it seems like a gold mine. Based on the research I’ve done in preparation for the first ad campaign, it looks like you can advertise to a target audience based on company size, positions within those companies, etc. For example, we can target individuals in the marketing/promotions department of companies with 500-1000 employees. The possibilities are exciting.

Follow’s new LinkedIn company page to discover how bobbleheads can improve your sales and business. This is actually the second LinkedIn company page I’ve created. You can find the first one here: Information Management Forum on LinkedIn.

Bonus: Check out these eye-popping LinkedIn stats via Digital Marketing Ramblings!


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