Bobblehead Collector Interview Video

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I hosted this interview with bobblehead collector Dawn Insanalli using the Google Plus On-Air Hangout feature. I prefer this over Skype because it instantly records to YouTube and the quality is better in my opinion. The only real issue at this time is people aren’t too familiar with it so there’s a bit of a learning curve with guests. They also have to set up a Google Plus account but you would also have to set up a Skype account so that’s kind of a wash. It should be noted both Dawn and myself were having internet issues at our respective locations on this day, hence some of the choppiness. However, for her first time, she performed like a champ.


Video description:

Welcome to another edition of Collector Spotlight. Our guest in this episode is Dawn Insanalli. This was a fun interview as you can really sense Dawn’s passion for her bobblehead collection. We spoke about how bobbleheads exist for nearly every interest in a person’s life, from sports to politics to television. Dawn even shows us her “I Dream of Jeannie” bobblehead, a character from one of her favorite TV shows growing up. Then we get into nostalgic aspect of these dolls and why they bring a smile to someone’s face. There’s a great story included about a bobble she recently uncovered and how it may have foreshadowed her future obsession at an early age. Enjoy the show and keep on bobblin’.


Google Plus Hangout Interview

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This is an interview I conducted with a bobblehead collector using the On-Air Hangout feature from Google Plus.

You can also find this video with some background information on