Cyber Monday Success

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For an e-commerce company, Cyber Monday is a big deal. This past Monday was my first Cyber Monday experience with and it was a rousing success. However, the real results of this two-pronged attack may not even be realized until early 2014. Why is that you ask? Allow me to explain…

Deal: Buy any standard retail bobblehead and receive a FREE $20 e-gift card.

Details: Gift card (coupon code) is good for custom bobblehead purchases starting January 1, 2014.

Reasoning: We’re always looking to get rid of our standard retail bobbleheads like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson etc. On the other hand, we’re more than busy enough (more importantly the factory is busy enough) with custom bobblehead orders this time of year for Christmas. Unfortunately, we experience a huge drop in custom business early in the new year. This gift card serves as a way to spur Q1 2014 sales. Aside from receiving the e-gift card via email, Cyber Monday customers will also receive a scheduled follow-up email on January 1st reminding them to take advantage of the discount. Most people have January 1st off anyways and they’re looking for something to do. Why not encourage them to build their own bobblehead? The promotion kills two birds with one stone.

Marketing/Promotion Channels:

  • Social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr.
  • Blog post on the Bobblehead Blog.
  • Press release announcing promotion.
  • Homepage highlight graphics and separate landing pages for both and
  • Email newsletters sent to both customer lists early Monday morning announcing the promotion.

Compared to Cyber Monday 2012, here are the results: ORDERS UP 39% REVENUE UP 14%

Again, the real goal here is improving Q1 2014 custom bobblehead sales. That’s where the real revenue exists. Time will tell but we’ve planted the seed for a prosperous 2014!

Email Marketing Newsletter Examples

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These email newsletters were created and distributed using Mailchimp. I have three years of experience using Mailchimp. At the Information Management Forum I sent out weekly newsletters to 1,200+ subscribers with news about our services and upcoming/recent events.

At, I send out a monthly newsletter to two separate lists of subscribers (totaling approximately 9,300 subscribers). These newsletters spread the word on new products, sales, and promotions. I use A/B split testing to help determine what subject lines work best and the best day/time to reach our subscribers.

It should be noted the email newsletters I’ve distributed for and have generated  $15,858 in revenue, which is up 52% vs. the same period in 2012.

Here are several newsletters I’ve sent recently that have performed well: July 2013 Newsletter: Great Summer Deals Inside!

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Elvis “’68 Special” Limited-Edition Bobblehead Now Available at!

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