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Event Collateral: IT Security Forum

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Here’s some collateral I produced for an IT Security Forum  hosted by The Information Management Forum. I used Microsoft Office Publisher for the forum agenda and version CS6 of Adobe Illustrator for the forum flyer.

Click here to view a PDF version: Rick Schwarz IT Forum Agenda

Click here to view a PDF version: Rick Schwarz IT Forum Flyer

Rick Schwarz IT Event Flyer

IMF IT Security Forum Event Flyer


Report: How to Improve the Quality of Your IT Project Portfolio

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Click here to view a PDF version of this report: Rick Schwarz IT Project Portfolio Report

It can also be found and downloaded on The IMF website: Free Report Download

The focus areas of this report include:

  • Challenges IT executives face trying to translate their project’s value to the business.
  • The importance of a business case in IT portfolio management and how to build one that will get your project recognized.
  • Case study showing the correlation between quality business cases and IT project spend at an industry leading tech company.
  • Culture, process, and consistency issues within the enterprise that stifle innovative projects.
  • IT Portfolio Management adoption approaches for small, mid-size, and large businesses.
  • Best practices for assessing and ranking the projects in your portfolio based on value and risk.

Report: Communicating IT Service and Value within the Enterprise

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Rick Schwarz IT Communications Report

Report Cover

Click here to view a PDF version of this report: Rick Schwarz IT Communications Report

You can also find a brief passage from the report on The IMF Blog: Communicating IT Service and Value in the Enterprise

Communicating IT Service & Value within the Enterprise is based on a Web Forum presentation given by Phil Malatras and Story Colling from Broadcom. The reader will learn about Broadcom’s current IT-Business alignment model and the pivotal role communications plays in its success. Good frontline IT communications leads to fast and efficient customer service response resulting in satisfied customers, trust, and credibility.

IT has evolved over the past 25 years and now the organization is expected to act as a strategic business partner. In order for your workforce to succeed, you need the right mix of technical understanding, collaboration and relationship management, communication skills, business engagement skills, and business acumen. Discover how to build and transform your current staff to meet these demands.

This report will show you which communication areas to focus on and what common, ineffective practices to look out for in your organization. Makeshift marketing efforts spread between technical writers, IT managers, and corporate communications teams can lead to an inconsistent message and multiple misconceptions. Some effective communication “myths” might even surprise you.

Find out how Broadcom successfully plans and executes their project communication strategy. We’ll examine the high level components of a corporate communication strategy. This includes:

  • Identifying and assessing your enterprise’s multiple audiences
  • Choosing the correct combination of communication tools and channels
  • Creating a plan and launch schedule
  • Building messages and collateral
  • Formal and casual feedback gathering techniques to ensure understanding