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I hosted this interview with bobblehead collector Dawn Insanalli using the Google Plus On-Air Hangout feature. I prefer this over Skype because it instantly records to YouTube and the quality is better in my opinion. The only real issue at this time is people aren’t too familiar with it so there’s a bit of a learning curve with guests. They also have to set up a Google Plus account but you would also have to set up a Skype account so that’s kind of a wash. It should be noted both Dawn and myself were having internet issues at our respective locations on this day, hence some of the choppiness. However, for her first time, she performed like a champ.


Video description:

Welcome to another edition of Collector Spotlight. Our guest in this episode is Dawn Insanalli. This was a fun interview as you can really sense Dawn’s passion for her bobblehead collection. We spoke about how bobbleheads exist for nearly every interest in a person’s life, from sports to politics to television. Dawn even shows us her “I Dream of Jeannie” bobblehead, a character from one of her favorite TV shows growing up. Then we get into nostalgic aspect of these dolls and why they bring a smile to someone’s face. There’s a great story included about a bobble she recently uncovered and how it may have foreshadowed her future obsession at an early age. Enjoy the show and keep on bobblin’.


Content Evolution: Blog to PowerPoint to Video

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People consume content in a variety of ways. This process I developed (I’m probably not the first) takes one piece of content and converts it for use on different platforms. In this case, it helps build your blog, SlideShare profile, and YouTube channel. Follow the evolution here:

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Marketing Lessons from Dodgers’ Magic Johnson ‘Bobblehead Hunt’ Promotion

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hitting homeruns left and right with their bobblehead promotions. Last week everyone was talking about the RickMonday ‘flag saving’ bobblehead giveaway. This week, the club has announced a new promotion associated with Magic Johnson Bobblehead Night coming up on September 12th against the Giants. They’re calling it the “#MeetMagic Scavenger Hunt.”

Here are the details for the contest from the Dodgers website:

Want to meet sports legend, and Dodgers owner, Magic Johnson? Here’s your chance! Each day at 2 pm, @Dodgers will release clues on Twitter about the location of hidden Magic Johnson Bobbleheads across Southern California. Be the first to arrive at the spot and correctly answer a trivia question, and you could win two suite tickets to the game and a meet and greet with Magic Johnson. Participants must follow @Dodgers on Twitter in order to be eligible to win.

This promotional contest is a win on so many levels. First, it plays off the skyrocketing popularity of bobblehead giveaways. Second, it does a great job of engaging fans through social media by releasing clues on Twitter. Finally, the Dodgers are spreading the wealth locally. By hiding an autographed Magic Johnson at seven different southern California locales over a seven day period, they’re getting community establishments involved and stimulating the local economy. This isn’t just a Dodgers promotion; it’s now a community promotion. It’s a smart, benevolent move by the organization.

Companies should take advantage of this marketing blueprint that emphasizes custom bobbleheads, social media promotion, and community outreach. Whether you’re part of a global corporation or small business, two primary marketing goals are audience growth and engagement. The Dodgers bobblehead promotion accomplishes both of those objectives in a fun and entertaining way. Be creative and think outside the box. The “Bobblehead Hunt” concept works well for local promotions, in-store contests, tradeshows, company retreats, and more.

Right now you’re probably thinking:

  • My company doesn’t have the same lofty status and enormous following of a major league baseball team.
  • My company doesn’t have an iconic mascot or famous employee whose custom bobblehead would be recognized outside the office.

If this is the case, consider sponsoring a bobblehead for local teams or famous personalities. For example, Keck Medical Center of USC is sponsoring Magic Johnson Bobblehead Night. It’s practically the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement. Corporate-sponsored custom bobbleheads represent an excellent branding opportunity. Theses figures, including your company’s logo and message, will end up on the bookshelves, mantles, and office desks of decision makers. Think of it as free promotion for your products or services on prime advertising real estate.

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Video: Make School Fundraisers Fun with Custom Bobbleheads

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I turned the presentation below into a YouTube video by using Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Windows Live MovieMaker, and adding some catchy, royalty-free background music. Having a variety of content channels for distribution is imperative because everyone consumes information differently.

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